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Are you solving problems or creating new ones?

Have you ever solved a problem for someone and instead of saying “thanks” the other person reacts with hurt feelings, leaving you baffled as to why they told you the problem in the first place?

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Take Off the Blinders! Coaching Based on Perceptual Style

Coaches have the honor and privilege of working with a broad range of clients in a variety of different contexts. Whether the context for that coaching is professional or personal, clients reveal what life is like from their unique perspective. … Continue reading

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Business and Relationships: Change Your Words, Change Your World

I have several friends who send me interesting emails. You know the type, You Tube videos, jokes, stories – you probably get a few of these, too. Recently, I received one that got me to thinking about its message, which … Continue reading

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Psychology and Leadership, Part 5: Vision and Adjustments

In the first two parts of this five-part series on Perceptual Styles Theory and leadership, we examined the five qualities of effective leaders. This article is the fifth and final installment in the second part of this series, which is … Continue reading

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Personal Growth: How Are Your Resolutions Holding Up?

If you are like most people, every January you make a few New Year’s Resolutions: “This is the year I am going to. . . lose that extra 10 pounds, finally get organized, stop watching so much television, etc., etc.” … Continue reading

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Business and Communication: Almost, but Not Quite

The six Perceptual Styles describe six psychologically unique ways of perceiving the world. The theory behind Perceptual Styles states that certain Styles are more similar than others. These “neighboring styles” may use similar types of language, but that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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