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Building Relationships

Our grandson recently became engaged, and we are delighted! Ricardo and I celebrated the event with him and his bride-to-be at a special dinner and had a lovely evening, including lots of great conversation and laughs. At one point in … Continue reading

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Getting to Know You…. Also

In this blog, I would like to propose that if our third candidate would introduce themselves as follows, we would be able to better determine the impact that this candidate would have on our team: 

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Leadership Development – Mission Possible

I remember as a child the excitement of waiting for Sunday night television. The sadness about the end of the weekend and another school week about to begin was softened by the start of a tape recorder and the words, … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

When I worked in the corporate world I learned to appreciate that people perceive things differently. By understanding the differences in the way people see the world, what is important to them, the conclusions they draw, and the actions they … Continue reading

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