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The Ripple Effects of Change

Have you ever worked with a client and seen clearly the changes that would allow them to become more successful only to meet resistance when you outlined an action plan? I know that it has happened to me many times, … Continue reading

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Coaching: Aligning Goals with Skills and Talents

I had a professor in graduate school who defined the difference between counseling and therapy this way: Counseling consists of “technological input to help people readjust their behavior so that they can effectively function in the predominant society.” He defined … Continue reading

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Strengths-Based Coaching: Creating Real Impact for Clients

Why did you get into coaching? One of the most likely reasons is that you wanted to have a real, positive and lasting impact on the lives of your clients.Unfortunately, many of the approaches that coaches currently use in their … Continue reading

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Coaching and Psychological Styles: Adjust Your Approach!

“Adjust your approach.” As a coach, you’re probably familiar with this concept, as different clients need different tools – and different types of communication – to achieve the results they’re looking for. But most often, these adjustments are based purely … Continue reading

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Take Off the Blinders! Coaching Based on Perceptual Style

Coaches have the honor and privilege of working with a broad range of clients in a variety of different contexts. Whether the context for that coaching is professional or personal, clients reveal what life is like from their unique perspective. … Continue reading

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