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Leadership – It’s Not Always Immediately Obvious

Collaborative Leadership: of the six different leadership profiles described in Leadership Strengths Profiles, this is the one most commonly misunderstood. This is not surprising as the hallmarks of Collaborative Leadership, subtlety, refinement, nuance, elegance, and unobtrusiveness are the exact opposite … Continue reading

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Shared Perception: The Ongoing Shift

Usually when I sit down to write an article about perception, it is to highlight the ways perception differs from person to person. These differences are, after all, at the heart of what I am most passionate about professionally. Recently, … Continue reading

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Your Gifts and Moments of Grace

When your natural gifts and skills lend themselves to a moment of grace, you experience a profound change. It can feel mysterious and awesome all at the same time. The key is to discover and nurture your natural gifts and … Continue reading

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