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Keep the “Celebrate” in Celebration!

Celebration, recognition, transitions, ritual.  If you are like us, the next couple of weeks are filled with milestone occasions.  For Gary and his wife Sarah, it’s the celebration of her mom’s 90th birthday.  For Ricardo and me it’s the high school … Continue reading

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Coaching: Aligning Goals with Skills and Talents

I had a professor in graduate school who defined the difference between counseling and therapy this way: Counseling consists of “technological input to help people readjust their behavior so that they can effectively function in the predominant society.” He defined … Continue reading

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Just Wonderful: Why We Focus on Our Weaknesses (and Fail to Develop Our Strengths)

A couple of years ago, I presented Your Talent Advantage, the psychological assessment and business development system I helped to create, to a networking group.I thought the focus of the talk was pretty straightforward: the major points behind Perceptual Style … Continue reading

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Success Psychology: The Freedom to Be Yourself

When I began my career as a psychologist, I was twenty-five years old, having completed my doctoral degree after twenty-two straight years of schooling (pre-K through to my Ph.D.). To say that I was a bit arrogant is probably understating … Continue reading

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