Do You Stand Above the Competition, or Fade into the Background?

Today’s article is by guest blogger Lisa Marie Platske. She’s a good friend and wonderful colleague – and her Leadership Success Summit event is not to be missed. I’m very excited to be one of the speakers this year. I hope you will join Lisa Marie and me at the Leadership Success Summit – a great environment for making valuable connections and a true learning experience without the sales hype. See you there! Lynda-Ross Do You Stand Above the Competition, or Fade into the Background?Born with the gift of hospitality, I fell in love with the art of leadership in my teens. Leadership is influence — nothing more and nothing less.As a small business owner, leadership can be the difference between a waiting list for your services, and happy, successful clients, or just eeking by.

Ask yourself, where are you headed? Who is following you? Are you going someplace worth following?

Sometimes it’s just a little tweak, sometimes it’s a major overhaul of where you are but change is part of being a small business owner.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t sure where to start. Failure to have these 7 areas in place will cost you up to 21 hours a week, and tens of thousands of dollars a month – real testimonials from my clients.

To stand out, here are the 7 Leadership Steps to get you on your way….

• CREATE A WRITTEN PLAN: Know what you want and why you want it. Then, write it down! (Not sure where to start, email me for my list of 7 Power Questions…)

• KNOW THY PERSONALITY: Be aware of your strengths and understand how your personality affects what you want and the process of getting it. Identify the 5 traits that are your strengths and what make you uniquely you AND identify the 5 traits that get in the way of your success. If you aren’t sure, ask someone close to you what they would change about you if they could. You may be surprised. Then, choose one action that you will work on to move you towards being the best version of you.

• CREATE POWERFUL PARTNERSHIPS: Invest in what you do best and network the rest. Create powerful partnerships through shared interactions. Create a board of advisors.

• PRACTICE PRESENCE: Understand how your physical image affects getting what you want. Hire someone to help you look great, even if you think you already do. Be present to life’s miracles, lest you miss out on living your life to the fullest. Have an attitude of gratitude and be grateful for the challenges as well as the opportunities. And, choose to be kind over choosing to be right. Employ the 15-second rule.

• SET YOUR PRIORITIES: Identify where you are spending the best hours of your day and ensure that you are in alignment with your values.

• CHART YOUR PROGRESS: Evaluate! Evaluate! Evaluate! Examine your P&L statements, and spend time identifying what is working and what is getting in the way.

• INVEST IN PERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Life-long learning is critical to your success. Leaders are readers, and learners are earners. What will you do to further develop who you are to get you closer to your definition of success?

In a changing world, what are you investing in or doing differently ensure that you get the results you want in business and in life?

May you experience incredible success as you choose to lead yourself personally and professionally in a manner that inspires others to do the same.

About the Author:

Lisa Marie Platske, President of Upside Thinking, Inc, ( is an award-winning entrepreneur and dynamic inspirational speaker/trainer, known for her contagious high energy. In addition to conducting seminars throughout the U.S., she works one-on-one with coaching clients on her “Gateway to Greatness: Million-Dollar Make-over” 7-step leadership process. Client results include tripling their income, and up to 3 “extra” hours in their day. She is the author of Designing Your Destiny: Achieving Personal and Professional Success which has been hailed as “life-changing” by clients and colleagues alike. Her most recent book, Connection: The New Currency was released in August 2011. Lisa Marie is also the founder of the Leadership Success Summit (

*** So, if you want more, please join me for two-days of action-packed tips, tools, and strategies on January 27 – 28th, 2012 in Ontario, California at the 4th annual Leadership Success Summit. To register, visit

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