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Strengths-Based Coaching: Creating Real Impact for Clients

Why did you get into coaching? One of the most likely reasons is that you wanted to have a real, positive and lasting impact on the lives of your clients.Unfortunately, many of the approaches that coaches currently use in their … Continue reading

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Do You Stand Above the Competition, or Fade into the Background?

Today’s article is by guest blogger Lisa Marie Platske. She’s a good friend and wonderful colleague – and her Leadership Success Summit event is not to be missed. I’m very excited to be one of the speakers this year. I … Continue reading

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Coaching and Psychological Styles: Adjust Your Approach!

“Adjust your approach.” As a coach, you’re probably familiar with this concept, as different clients need different tools – and different types of communication – to achieve the results they’re looking for. But most often, these adjustments are based purely … Continue reading

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Psychological Style Theories: What They Are, and Why They Matter

We all know that different people see the world differently. Sometimes we find those differences appealing. At other times, the differences between ourselves and others are an irritating source of conflict. But rarely, in either case, do we take the … Continue reading

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