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Teamwork and Psychology: Insights from 30+ Years of Business Coaching

What does it take for 800 people to work together on a project with a minimum of friction? Back in 1983, that’s exactly what my partner Lynda-Ross and I were aiming to figure out.When I fist met Lynda-Ross, she was … Continue reading

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Life, Business and the Pursuit of Happiness: Do More of What You Do Best!

Why do some people thrive in the work they do while others seem miserable?Throughout my years as a business coach and a consultant, this question always fascinated me. On a practical level, I always tried to place people in the … Continue reading

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Family Holiday Gatherings: Why Do We Have Them?

Most of you, I am sure, know the scene: As December marches on we prepare ourselves to gather with family members to celebrate the holidays. You may prepare for it with dread, with joyful anticipation, or with a mixture of … Continue reading

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Take Off the Blinders! Coaching Based on Perceptual Style

Coaches have the honor and privilege of working with a broad range of clients in a variety of different contexts. Whether the context for that coaching is professional or personal, clients reveal what life is like from their unique perspective. … Continue reading

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