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The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Finding Your Place in the World

It sounds easy – knowing who you are. It should be a given, right? Knowing and understanding who you are is a lifetime process that begins in childhood, on the playground, when you begin the process of learning just where … Continue reading

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Business and Relationships: Change Your Words, Change Your World

I have several friends who send me interesting emails. You know the type, You Tube videos, jokes, stories – you probably get a few of these, too. Recently, I received one that got me to thinking about its message, which … Continue reading

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Perceptual Style and Breast Cancer: A Caregiver’s Perspective

One headline that you are not likely to see anytime soon is that an understanding of Perceptual Style Theory (PST) has an impact on the treatment of breast cancer. Admittedly, there is no formal research project being conducted – no … Continue reading

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Reflections on Fall: Giving Thanks

I love the fall.  There are so many reasons – the weather, the trees, the food, the sports, special birthdays, and Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday).This year the fall season is even more special for several reasons. I haven’t been on … Continue reading

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