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Psychology and Leadership: What Does Your Style Say about You?

Leadership is a complex skill that is difficult to pin down. Much of the research on the subject has focused on obvious traits such as command, decision making, risk-taking, etc. While these definitions capture much of what is widely recognized … Continue reading

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Finding Your Marketing Comfort Zone

So, you’ve got something to say that you think others will find valuable. You’ve created an information based product and coaching services to enhance and optimize its value. And people are knocking down your doors to buy!Unfortunately, while the first … Continue reading

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How to Appeal to People with a Different Spotlight Style

Your Spotlight Style describes the way in which you draw attention to the gifts and talents you have, the services and products you offer, and your unique flair.  Embracing your Spotlight Style is the key to applying your authentic voice … Continue reading

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Introverts and Extraverts: They Aren’t What You Think

Often, when people talk about introverts and extraverts, they think in terms of whether people enjoy social interactions. In fact, the true definitions of introversion and extraversion have to do with where a person finds meaning – and for this … Continue reading

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