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Help! I think I Picked the Wrong Coach: 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Tell

The numbers are daunting: one third of all small businesses will fail within the first two years and only one half will make it to year four. When it comes to internet businesses, though, those statistics look positively rosy. According … Continue reading

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Business and Communication: Almost, but Not Quite

The six Perceptual Styles describe six psychologically unique ways of perceiving the world. The theory behind Perceptual Styles states that certain Styles are more similar than others. These “neighboring styles” may use similar types of language, but that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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Personal Development and Relationships: 3 Steps to More Effective Communication

Have you ever had the experience of speaking to someone and, in return, getting either a blank stare or a complete non-sequitur? The easiest explanations are often, “they didn’t hear me”, “they didn’t want to communicate with me”, or “they … Continue reading

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